Rystar Smoker Pits

Extensive engineering design has gone into the design of our smoker pits sold under the Rystar Smokers brand to ensure they operate at maximum thermal efficiency and deliver looks and performance superior to any mass-produced smoker pit. Rystar Steel have built many custom smoker pits and can manufacture smoker pits to our standard designs or customize to suit your needs and desires. Both conventional and reverse flow smoker pits can be manufactured. We manufacture our smoker pits from 6mm steel for thermal efficiency. 500mm diameter chambers are our standard size but customizable to any size configuration you need.

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500mm x 1500mm smoker pit
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20160815 104402 001
rotating damper
20160815 104541
50mm dia chamber x 1500mm long custom, semi-commercial smoker pit.

Rystar Smoker pits are preferred by barbecue competitors, commercial catering operations and those seeking a higher quality smoker pit that provides better temperature control and is built to last. Rystar Smokers have even been exported to commercial food service operations.

Rystar Smokers have a standard, backyard configuration with a 500mm dia chamber x 800mm long in either conventional flow or reverse flow. These retail for around $3k for a conventional flow and $4k for a reverse flow. From that basic design, any number of customisations are possible. Examples of customisations we have designed for our customers include:

  • Custom clean-out doors.
  • Butterfly dampers
  • Dallas-style dampers.
  • Tel-Tru temperature gauges.
  • Charcoal grilling grates for the main chamber.
  • Drop-in, gas-fired, lava-rock grill.
  • Tool racks and hangars.
  • Stainless steel work surfaces. Custom mesh surfaces.
  • Different smoking rack configurations.
  • Wood storage box.
  • Larger, custom steel wheels.
  • Grilling hatch added to firebox.
  • Laser cut tuning plate.

Need a larger pit? We can produce any size pit you require. Trailer-mounted smoker pits are also possible. Call us to work out a quote.

Rystar Steel also design and manufacture commercial size spit roasters, fire pits and charcoal grills.