Stair Stringers

Rystar Steel Engineering manufacture standard steel stair stringers from 1 to 15 treads. Stair stringers are manufactured in pairs and can be configured to go from landing-to-ground, or landing-to-landing, or landing-to-concrete pad. Standard rising is 175mm and standard going is 250mm. All stair stringers are manufactured from 100x50x3 duragal RHS (100x50x4 RHS for over 10 treads) and high quality stair tread brackets. Top bracket can be either a top bolting bracket or side bolting. Lower landing brackets are side bolting or made with a leg for setting in concrete. Contact Rystar Steel Engineering for details.

Hot-dip galvanized, standard rising stair stringers are kept in stock in landing-to-ground and landing-to-pad configurations, and can be purchased from our South Tweed factory.

stair stringers landing to landing
Stair Stringers. Landing to Landing
stair stringers
Stair Stringers. Landing to Ground.

Standard risings don’t fit you measurements? Customized stair stringers are also available, made to suite your non-standard measurements or tread material. We can manufacture your custom stringers within 2 days using high quality, Australian made duragal steel and galvanized step treads. Or we can custom manufacture from black steel and hot dip galvanize which requires 7 working days turnaround time. Prior to fabrication all our custom star stringers are fully drawn in AutoCAD to ensure correct tread spacing.

Rystar Steel Engineering can also design and manufacture heavy duty PFC stairs with steel grating treads. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Mono Stringers

Rystar Steel can also design mono-stringers for that ‘floating stairs’ look. Mono stringers can be designed many different ways and as such Rystar Steel designs them for each and every installation before hand crafting. A range of finishes such as powder coating are also available.

PFC Stringers

Rystar Steel can design and fabricate structural stairs or PFC stairs to your requirement. These can incorporate a variety of different designs of step tread using steel grating, tread plate, aluminium grating and more. Coatings such as hot-dip galvanizing and painting are readily avialable.

Access Ladders

Rystar Steel have designed, fabricated and installed many types of access ladders. Access ladders can be designed with a variety of side supports, handrails and treads. Standard Webforge grating-style step treads with grip strips are also available.