Adjustable Builders Posts

Quite often it is just not possible to determine the exact height of footings for builders support posts. Rystar Steel Engineering adjustable posts extend from 2035mm to 3600mm. Posts are 75x75x4 SHS duragal outer and 65x65x4 duragal SHS inner with 2 pre-drilled bolt holes in the outer post. Simply extend the post to the required height and transfer the holes through the inner post and bolt in place.

Any configuration of top and bottom plates is available.


Steel Builders Posts

Rystar Steel Engineering regularly fabricate builders posts of all lengths and configurations. As with stair stringers, we maintain stocks of common material sizes and in most cases we can fabricate posts to your requirements within 2 days. Steel builders posts can be fabricated with any required combination of base plates and top cleats.

Information we require is the square hollow section (SHS) size you want to use (common sizes are 65, 75, 89 and 100mm, usually 4mm wall), whether it is a corner or mid-beam post, type of base plate required (e.g. 2-bolt rectangular L or T shape, 4-bolt square), size bolts in base plate, top cleat required (horizontal, vertical, corner), size of the beam being attached, bolts size for beam, and the height to the bottom of the beam being supported.

As standard steel builders posts are manufactured using Australian made duragal finish steel. Welds are coated in a zinc-rich paint system. Hot dip galvanizing is available on request.

Tuff Tipper Trailers

Rystar Steel Engineering have manufactured the legendary Tuff Tipper garden trailers, lawn care trailers and ATV trailers for over 20 years. See the Tuff Tipper website for more details:

Tuff Tipper 4

Rendering Mud Board Stands and Trestles

Rystar Steel manufacture rendering mud board stands and rendering trestles made from tough, galvanized steel. We manufacture these in a standard configuration and can customize heights to suit the renderer’s preference.

Renderer's mud board stand, rendering trestles.
Renderer’s mud board stand, rendering trestles.


Other Products

Outboard engine stands.